Rust Stop Pro 3 x 1L –

Rust Stop Pro 3 x 1L

Rust treatment

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Rust Stop Pro is specially developed in SA to prevent water penetration in metal which causes rust to form.

By applying only two coats direct onto the rusted surface, Rust Stop Pro serves as:

  • An undercoat,
  • Treatment (that penetrates up to 9 microns into the rusted surface)
  • and Final coat which dries to a metallic khaki finish.

No intense labour required as it is painted (or sprayed) directly onto the affected area that is lightly sanded. A service coat every 2- 5 years is required.

This product has been proudly developed in SA over the last 27 years.

Support South African products!


What's in the box

3 x 1 Litre Rust Stop Pro

(Three x One Litre containers)


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