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Our Easy Returns Policy

Posted by Dawie Theron on

We want to make returning your damaged or unwanted product as easy as possible and we could not have made it simpler! All you have to do to return or exchange your product is call us or email us. As easy at that. No forms to fill out; no long explanations; no DNA sample...just call us. We will have all your details(unless it has changed since your last purchase) so we will arrange for everything. 

"So when am I allowed to return a product I purchases from you?" I hear you ask.

Easy to answer! You may return any product you purchased from us within 7 days of making the purchase. If you are not happy with the product for what ever reason, just call us. We will arrange for the courier to collect the product and if you selected another product in it's place, we'll have it shipped to you too! Just a few simple rules to follow for the above to work:

- The product must be unused and show no signs of visible usage.

- The product must be in it's original condition, packaging and/or wrapping.

- All labels, stickers, booklets or instruction manuals must be present. 

If you opt for a refund, we will take possession of the product first(not in the biblical sense though!) and once we have inspected it and find it to be in a satisfactory condition(as set out above), we will refund you in full!

"What if my product arrives damaged or breaks within the first 7 days?" you ask.

Then the exact same process applies as mentioned above! Please note that if you only opened the item for the first time after this 7 day period and the item needs to be returned, the shipping cost would still be payable by the customer or non-refundable. 

"How much will returning a product cost me?"

Well...nothing! If the item is returned within the 7 days after purchase we'll carry the shipping cost! After the 7 days, the shipping is payable by the customer or non-refundable. 


All electronic products carries a 6 months limited supplier's warranty. The supplier has the discretion to either repair, replace or refund the damaged item whilst still under the given warranty. 

Please note that these rules may not be applicable to items imported from overseas on your behalf. For Terms & Conditions on imported products, please see our import section. 

Our contact details:

Cell: 084 499 8148

Landline: 044 272 3277


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