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Wood Stone & Slate Sealant 20L


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Rust Stop Pro Wood, Stone & Slate Sealant can be applied to Wood, Stone and Slate as a treatment and final coat.

Sealant is manufactured with Nano Molecules to prevent water molecules penetrating the substrate.

​Ideal for use on floors, wood, stone and slate where water damage is problematic.

Penetrates up to 24 Microns into surface, sealing it, leaving a duck back finish, water cannot penetrate into.

Can be used as a matt, semi gloss or gloss finish, depending on the amount of coats given.

Unlike varnish, this product only needs re-coating every 2 - 5 years with it's advanced Nano chemical technology.

​One could even seal steel garden decorations to prevent further deterioration, but retain the original effect of rust on surface.

Sealant is an all in one treatment for Wood, Stone and Slate , forming a protective layer penetrating up to 24 microns into the surface.

​Enhances the natural look and colour of Wood, Stone or Slate. It prevents water penetration and is ideal where longevity is required.

Sealant can be applied as a matt to gloss finish, as you require, which penetrates up to 24 microns deep, sealing the substrate, thus preventing water penetration.

​Upon application of the second coat, sealant serves as a sealing agent preventing water damage to the affected area.

Where a more glossy finish is required, a third coat can be applied.

As the gloss varnish effect comes through, so will the natural colour of the surface be enhanced.

This sealant, with it's advanced Nano Technology, also serves as a Varnish, while sealing and preventing further water penetration in future with only two paint applications.

Sealant will not stain the surface, thus ensuring a brilliant natural finish in a matt to gloss finish.

This product has been proudly developed in SA over the last 27 years.

Support South African products!

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What's in the box

4 x 5 Litre Rust Stop Pro Wood, Slate and Stone Sealant

(Four x 5L containers)


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