Toy Drive along steering wheel AND Kids Travel and snack tray COMBO –

Toy Drive along steering wheel AND Kids Travel and snack tray COMBO

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Kids Travel Snack and Play Tray

Our waterproof on the go Play N' Snack tray provides a sturdy surface for travel treats and toys. Perfect for your on-the-go family, this tray is designed to meet the needs of today's travel-friendly children. Soft foamy tray keeps children from hurting themselves on sharp hard corners. Perfect for drinks and snacks because it's waterproof. 3 1/4" high sides keeps things from falling out.


Single adjustable strap and contoured edge fits the tray to kids' waists
Can be used whenever child is sitting, even in a car seat
Raised sides keep items from falling off the tray
Breathable mesh side pockets transport snacks, drinks, and snowballs
Soft navy-blue foam material
For all ages
Product dimensions: 13.5"x15.5"x9"; side-pocket dimensions: 3.25 inches high
Folds flat for storage
Comes in Navy Blue color


Drive Along - Toy Steering Wheel

Little ones love role playing and pretending that they are doing important and realistic activities – just like the grown-ups! This Backseat Driver has been specially designed to be true to life, right down to the last detail so your little driver will really feel part of your world while developing essential life skills.



  • Realistic role play for exploring imagination and developing social skills
  • Play encourages the development of hand-to-eye co-ordination
  • Moving components to activate, for understanding cause and effect
  • Activities help to develop problem solving and motor skills
  • Horn simulated sound for added realism and aural stimulation
  • 45x24x9cm

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