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Scale - Measuring Cup Sml Style 2 - Red

  • R 389.00

This Fine Living Digital Measuring Cup Scale integrates 2 important cooking tools, weighing and measuring into one. Built with the latest version of sensor technology, the scale offers accuracy and quick-response for fast-paced cooking.


The scale has 5 units of measurement to choose: Pounds, Ounces, Grams, Cups and Milliliters. Press the M button for choosing your weighing mode: water, milk, oil, flour or other ingredients. Then press the U button for choosing the weighing unit as you like. It's more accurate to weigh vs. measure. The scale helps to convert the weight of key ingredients to cups or milliliters, using accuracy of weight.





- Extra Large 1500 mls detachable measuring cup; easy to read measuring cup marks in 1/4   cup and 2 ounce increments.

- Scale capacity 11 lbs / 5 kgs, Division 0.1 oz / 1 g; Weighs Water, Oil, Flour, Milk and   other ingredients in 5 units of Pounds, Ounces, Grams, Cups and Milliliters.

- Dishwasher safe detachable measuring cup --- easy for cleaning.

- Tare / add and weigh and recalibration --- smoothens your cooking pace.

- Powered by 1*3V lithium battery (CR2032 included); Low battery / overload indication.   

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