Cast Iron Potjie - Size 25 : 80 Litres –

Cast Iron Potjie - Size 25 : 80 Litres


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Potjies are great for inviting friends over and enjoying good food.  Ideal for potjies and stews, with endless cooking possibilities! High quality Cast iron potjie pot.  Cook over any fire with the simple, graceful iron technology. The pure iron body consists of a three-legged round potbelly ribbed with raised lines. A handled lid fits perfectly into the wide mouth. Cast iron cookware is valued for their heat retention properties.

It's a great way of socializing, having a party and cooking outdoors. 

  • Material: Cast iron
  • Weight: 65kg
  • Capacity: 80 litres

What is included:

Size 25 Potjie and lid


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