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Here at we allow you, a 3rd party vendor, to list, sell, ship and manage your own products! Once you have created your seller account with us, you will be granted access to your very own seller portal where you can create your products and have them featured not only on our website, but also on sites like Bid Or Buy and Your products will get exposed to a huge volume of potential buyers when listed on our website. We send out newsletters on a regular basis and we do all the promotional work and costing! 

So, what are the fees for this functionality? Just a 15% commission fee on the selling price(exclusive of shipping fee , bid or buy commission and any payment fees)! No additional costs, no hidden costs! 

So exactly how does this work?

Start by filling out this application form:

Once your Seller Account has been approved, list your products and once you have a sale, you will get notified via email from your seller's portal that you have a sale. Your seller portal will have a summary of all your sales listed within it and you will have all the customer's details at hand. Once your order has been paid for, you arrange for shipping the product to the customer. Once the item is shipped, you fulfill it in your seller's portal and an email will be sent to the customer notifying them of the fulfillment. The shipping fee is paid by the customer and we pay the shipping fee back to you but, we only pay the amount paid by the customer. Please take note that we do not make any payouts to vendors for orders that has not been fulfilled yet. If a customer orders items from more than one seller on one order, the shipping cost received(if any) will be split equally between the sellers involved.

Our shipping rates are as follows:

- Flat rate: R79 for all orders or all sizes and to anywhere in SA. 

Keep these costs in consideration when you mark up your product. Please note that all orders must be sent with a road freight courier service or via Postnet (you must indicate this on every product you list) and no Post office sending allowed. To keep our mutual customers happy, we require that each sale's parcel be dispatched within 24 - 48hrs (Business days). If any problems with the shipping arises, please contact us immediately. Please note that the customer details will not be visible to you until the customer has made the payment. 

We have contracts with couriers which you can use and we arrange with the courier to collect your order and ship it to the customer but there's an additional monthly cost of R180.00 for this service. 

Returns, Warranties and Guarantees:

Please read and review our Returns Policy here. The same policy is applicable to any product featured and sold on our website or affiliated websites. The shipping costs for collecting defective or unwanted items within the first 7 days of purchase will be for the 3rd party seller's account. After 7 days the customer must pay for the shipping costs. 

All products listed by 3rd party vendors, must be new and unused products and must carry a warranty period of at least 6 months. If this period is not achievable, it should be clearly stated in the products' description. No used or second hand products will be allowed to be listed on

Payment methods:

Your customers will have access to our payment methods which are: EFT, Direct Deposit or with a credit card processed by Payfast or by using i-Pay.

Order cancellations:

If a customer or the vendor needs to cancel an order, you would have to notify us of such. Although order cancellations are an acceptable part of online sales, the vendor account will be reviewed if we find that there are too many cancellations. This might result in the suspension of the seller's account. 


You can list any amount of products on our site. The products must be in a new condition with original packaging. Please ensure you have clear and high quality product images attached to each product. The image quality is very important as a method to sell a product and if we find the image/s to be of poor quality, we might remove the item from the website. Items without pictures will not be allowed to be sold on

These items are not allowed to be sold on our website:

- Animals

- Weapons or ammunition(BB guns are allowed)

- Pornography

- Products of a disturbing or offensive nature

- Used goods

- Defective goods

- Poisonous goods or chemical compounds

- Hazardous materials

- Alcohol or illegal substances

- Products that are dropshipped from outside of South Africa(Local products only)

- All other products deemed unfit by us.

- Counterfeit items. We do not allow counterfeit items with the same name as the original brand/manufacturer.

- Grey imports on electronics. These items are allowed if you clearly state in the description that it's Grey/parallel imports AND if you offer after sales repair service for these items.  

All sellers must ensure that their stock availability is accurate as to not sell something that is out of stock. 


It is the duty of the seller to make sure that all products are exactly as per the item description. If an item is sold that is different to the description, it would be the seller's responsibility to ensure the goods are either exchanged or collected for a refund from the customer. These costs will be for the seller's own account.  We do not allow false claims, statements or advertising of any products that will mislead our customers. 

When you sell your items on our website you are doing so under our name and reputation and it is expected from you to conduct your business on our website in a professional manner. If a difficult situation arises, please feel free to contact us to help resolve it. 

It is also the responsibility of the seller to ensure that all parcels sent to customers are securely packaged to avoid in transit damages. Items that are fragile must either be boxed with bubble wrap, paper or any other material that can protect it. If the parcel gets damaged during transit because it was not packed securely, the courier costs of returning the items and sending a replacement will be for the seller's account. Should the parcel get damaged by the courier even when it was securely packaged, the courier will take responsibility. 


If you wish to have some of your items promoted on either Bid or Buy's Weekly deal or in one of our newsletters or even have a banner on our website, simply send us a mail and we'll look at it. Currently we charge a R150 fee per advertising campaign. The commission structure for promotions are negotiable, depending on the platform used and product type.

Apply to list on Deals:

You can submit a product/s to feature on either our website, on Bid or Buy or on both. The commission structure is different for the submissions and there's a R150 fee for setting up and submitting the deal/s. You can submit as many products you like and the approved deals will feature for 1 week only. These will be featured on our Social Media sites as well as in our newsletters.

To submit a deal, please click here and submit the form for each product you wish to list. 


We make a payout to you, the seller, on your request once a month, less the commission owed and any outstanding monies due to us. No minimum amount required.

 How to add a product:

- Log into your seller portal

- Go to Products and click on Add Product in the top right hand of the screen

- Add a product description/Name

- Select the product type: Visit the Smart collections page(in the left hand side menu) and search for the appropriate collection that your product falls into. Under the product conditions heading, copy the name of the condition(ie "Wall Art, "Camera", etc) and paste this into the Product type block when creating your product.

- Give your product a full and clear description

- You can add products tags if you wish

- Add a selling price

- Add a product SKU

- Add a barcode if you have one

- Enter the quantity available

- Upload at least 2 images if you can.

- Save your product

- If your product has more than one variant, click on "Save and add options". 

 Notes on listing your product/s:

- Please refrain from using any other font color than BLACK when describing your product.

- Do not use Caps Lock in your description or info about the product/s. Customers generally don't like all caps locked sentences. 

- No Links to your website or external website/s are allowed within your product descriptions or Bio.

- Use high quality product pictures for a more professional look.

- Be as descriptive as possible when describing your product. This will greatly improve your chances of selling an item.

- Keep your available quantities up to date as to avoid overselling. If we find that sales are cancelled to often due to overselling we reserve the right to suspend your account without notice. 


You are not permitted to advertise or list your contact details on our website. No links to external websites are allowed in either your seller description or in the product description. We regularly check the seller's account for links or contact details and remove them accordingly. 


*Please note that this page is still being edited and the information herein might change without prior notice. 

*Dandashop reserves the right to halt, cancel or delete any 3rd party seller and/or their products without valid reason. We also reserve the right to abandon the seller portal system in it's entirety without prior notice


- Due to BidorBuy's new fee structure which will come into effect at the end of February 2018, we will be making some changes to the way we calculate the commissions from 3rd party sales:

~ Our system will automatically add 15% on the sales price from our website(as opposed to the 10% that it is now).

~ We pay commission out to the 3rd party seller based on the WEBSITE SELLING PRICE and not based on the BOB selling price. In other words, if an item is listed for R100 on our website, it will be listed at R115 on BOB but we take commission on the R100(ie R10).

The reasons for the above is that the BOB fees will more than double from the current fee structure. They are also going to charge a fee on the total paid on the sale; in other words we are going to pay a commission on the shipping fee as well. 





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